Saturday, April 19, 2014

47 Billion Videos Watched In U.S. in March 2014

According to comScore over 187 million Americans viewed approximately 46.6 billion online videos in March of 2014. These numbers sustain the year over year growth of online videos, and the trend doesn't look to be stopping soon.  YouTube is still the top player in the space generating over 11.1 billion of the video views, with Facebook coming in second. Google owned sites also accounted for the largest number of unique visitors at over 155 million.

The report further breaks down the stats for YouTube ranked by partner. The not so surprising result is VEVO as the top YouTube partner, reaching over 28 million unique viewers and 583 million views.  Again proving the trend of consumers engaging with music in video format. To take advantage of this trend be sure to use MP3 to Video Converter to turn your songs into video and reach the masses consuming this rich media!

View the full report from comScore here: March 2014 Online Video Rankings

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