Saturday, April 19, 2014

How to Convert MP3 to a YouTube Video

MP3 To Video Converter

MP3 to Video converter is one of the simplest tools anyone can use to instantly convert a song or mp3 file to a HD YouTube ready video. Artists, DJs, Producers and other music creators can use this tool to take advantage of the YouTube network to promote their songs via video. There are also options to instantly create a Instagram or Vine version of the video, and tools to clip the song or track to a selected sample.  The tool is also a great way to create a slideshow of images to any song, for commercials, weddings, and other corporate or business applications.

The MP3 converter app is a free online tool, that can be used via a desktop computer or with the mobile version.  After the video is created you will have options to export the video via direct download or email it to your smartphone. The email option makes it easy to instantly upload the video to video social networks such as Instagram or Vine. These viral videos will allow your message to reach a much wider audience!

To convert your mp3 to a video follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit MP3 to Video Converter Website
  2. Select Your MP3 File
  3. Select Images for Your Video
  4. Select Your Video Options
    1. Full Length
    2. Instagram
    3. Vine
    4. Custom Length
  5. Title and Export Your Video
  6. Download Your Video to Your Computer
  7. Email Your Video to Your Smartphone
  8. Optional: Remove MP3 To Video Converter Watermark


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